the-robinson-family: This is a collection of commissioned family photographs taken at the family home and residence in Charleston, SC (South Carolina) and vaction house in Georgia. The children practiced pretend play inside and outside in the rural environment. Photojournalist Laura Kleinhenz documented them during their everyday activities and captured intimate moments with their parents. She photographed the kids riding horses, on their farm, playing musical instruments, wading in the stream, taking nature walks, sewing, dancing ballet, and playing dress-up. Laura's lifestyle photography of children and families in their everyday lives and at events is inspired by fine art, editorial photography. She is founder and owner of Docuvitae, a documentary family photography studio based in Los Angeles, CA. Docuvitae does event and birthday party photography, family portraits, classic portraiture and specializes in creating authentic, artistic and unique imagery shot on film with vintage cameras, such as Rolleiflex, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Holga and Diana cameras. Their trained editorial photographers love to capture classic, abstract and artsy, black and white images on medium format, high-speed, grainy film as well as color digital photographs, all created unobtrusively in natural environments.