l a u r a / founder and principal photographer

I am a documentary photographer.

I spent my teens in a high school darkroom in Charlotte, North Carolina, mentored by a remarkable teacher, and later studied photojournalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Soon after graduation, Time and Newsweek sent me to Central America to cover elections and natural disasters. The leading industry publication, Photo District News, highlighted my career as one to watch.
My photo essays have taken me to Australia, across the United States and to Latin America, including Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.
One of my favorite photo essays is about the love lives of seniors in Florida retirement communities. It was twice published in Time, and also included in the PDN and American Photography Annuals.
I was a finalist for the Santa Fe Prize for Photography, the Eugene Smith Grant, the Nikon Sabbatical and the Alicia Patterson Fellowship, all esteemed in the documentary photography community.
I continue to shoot film, but I’ve fully embraced digital photography. I shoot a mix of film and digital for my clients, depending on their needs and budgets.
I work for non-profit organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and City of Hope, for commercial clients such as Nikon, Nintendo, Foo Fighters, and Ford Motor Company, and for editorial clients including Time Magazine, The New York Times Magazine and The Independent in London.
Among my clients are people who place a special value on photography. Many are professionals in arts and entertainment. Among them are Kevin Costner, Diane Keaton, David Lynch, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, Henry Winkler, Tony Bill, Dave Grohl and the Hopper, Mancini, and Poitier families.
I live in Los Angeles with my husband, our two daughters, and a sweet old Weimaraner.