d o c u v i t a e — art from life

I started Docuvitae to make exceptional photojournalism and fine art photography available to private clients.
Good photography tells a story, and every photograph should aspire to be art. To me, that means capturing the essence of people and the telling moments between them, with originality and authenticity.
I also believe that everyone deserves good photography. What possession could be more valuable than a photographic record of the important people and events in one’s life?
Every now and then good photography happens by accident, but to create good photography consistently requires intensive training and broad experience.
In the ten years since I launched Docuvitae, I have handpicked a small number of talented photographers to work alongside me or to work independently on Docuvitae commissions. Some are successful photojournalists with commercial and editorial careers, others are top graduates from California’s best photography programs - Art Center College of Design (Art Center), California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), Brooks Institute of Photography and the Roski School of Fine Art at USC.
Each of our photographers reserves a few days a year to work with Docuvitae’s private clients. They do it, I think, because they enjoy documenting joyful rites of passage and family dynamics. And they do it, I know, because they enjoy our clients: people who appreciate photography and understand the value of capturing art from life.

Laura Kleinhenz / Founder and Principal Photographer, Docuvitae